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M. 40; NB W. Herrmann): I. m. 17-21 Observe non-breath markings / stagger breathe as needed m. 135; release ‘th’ on the rest Instructions will be available in the Information packet after Area Auditions. M. 31; “s” on downbeat The IPA is provided below for those lines. Soli group will not be auditioned during the All-State Audition process and will be determined at TMEA Convention. T- m. 80 breath after “lebendigen” m. 36 Alto: unaccented syllable Still looking for the SSAA arrangement of You Do Not Walk Alone. Vs. 1 Solvet saeclum in favilla, Note: This is a new octavo (not different arrangement) being printed specifically for the Texas All-State Choir. SATB- m. 11, eighth rest before “Herr” This piece will be auditioned at the second round. Update (6/11/2020): M. 72 bass 2 in solo should be an F#. Please take quarter rest breaths after these words: Voicing: SATB E.g: Updated (7/29/2020) m. 43; release ‘f’ on rest m. 45 Eliminate the “R” on “o’er” m. 165; release ‘s’ on rest M. 35; breathe at rest Audition Levels: m. 32 A, 3rd note = quarter + rest Please flip all r’s. 1 m. 151; release ‘ng’ on rest Breathe after the fermatas m. 188; ‘n’ on beat two; space after ‘sing’ (remove dot) The new G. Schirmer scores have an F4 printed. M. 48, S1 on the & of 4 Note two: unaccented syllable for SAB m. 30 A, 3rd note, staccato Use the big notes for auditions. m. 132; NB for tenors; Basses release on rest Audition Levels: M. 37-43, slow movement to a f- m. 5, after “too” m. 103; release ‘d’ on rest; TI carry Metal (englisch für ‚Metall‘) ist eine Musikrichtung und eine gleichnamige Szene.Die Bezeichnung ist die Kurzform des Begriffs Heavy Metal, der heute nur noch die ursprüngliche Form dieser Musik bezeichnet. m. 36 Downbeat: Goal of the phrase for STB. Below are links to the official listing of the Band Division All-State audition material. M. 79; NB Ending S’s should be pronounced “z” But start P 2012 Preview SONG TIME Ceremonial. Title: Die Nacht Note: The PDF export will fail if you try to export the entire PML (800 pages). m. 123- “die loben dich immerdar”- half note/quarter note theme- strong, marcato, weight on the first part of the beat Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 1) Voice internal and beginning “th” except the word “thing” m. 174; release ‘s’ on quarter rest and ‘c’ on eighth rest; space after ‘sing’ (remove dot) Voice Ranges: m. 14 and 15 cresc. m. 68; release ‘m’ on rest m. 52- T & B, “p” of deep on beat 3 Designated for Area Audition only. m. 196; ‘z’ on beat two; space after ‘sing’ (remove dot) Take a quarter rest release after the punctuation in m. 16 and 40. Publisher: Carl Fischer Catalog No: 50486753 m. 180; ‘n’ on beat two; space after ‘sing’ (remove dot) M. 38; NB M. 24, ALL catch breath off of the fermata M. 117; big choir releases on big beat two (TI and TII will need to cross off eighth rest and add a dot to their notes). Catalog No: WW1788 m. 24, after “through” m. 78; release on downbeat 1 Tunc acceptabis sacrificium justitiae, M. 85 will start mp+ ", Conductor's Rehearsal notes: m. 62; release on downbeat. -eighth note theme- lighter, shorter M. 50; NB m. 55- T & B, “p” of deep on beat 3 Update (7/24/2020): Approach to divisi will be determined by each Region Coordinator for your region. Composer: Johannes Brahms B- m. 94- eighth rest after “Wohnungen” Dynamics and phrasing: I will say “phrase to…” to indicate the peak of each phrase. m. 93; release ‘m’ om rest Voicing: SATB ! Buy download online. Alto 1 - Voice does not move to the B in m. 80 on beat 3 but instead stays on a D. Please move to the B. This piece will be auditioned at the second round. 4 M. 51; TI and TII; cross off dot and breathe; BI and BII; release on rest Voice Ranges: m. 14, S, make the dotted half a half note with quarter rest. 1 The implication is that all singers crescendo to the peak and diminuendo away from the peak (“Grow and Go”) 3&, all singers, bt 4&, sopranos Composer: Brandon Waddles The 2021 TMEA Clinic/Convention will be a virtual event held February 11–13. m. 47 “D” (pronounced T) on rest m. 170; release ‘s’ on quarter rest and ‘c’ on eighth rest m. 59 and 60 Both exactly on the downbeat (it’s good to feel the meter here, piano doesn’t help!) Publisher: Santa Barbara Voicing: SSAA M. 47; breath at rest m. 48 T, 3rd note, staccato m. 37, release on downbeat Ihre Ursprünge liegen im Bluesrock und dem Hard Rock Anfang der 1970er Jahre; sie zeichnet sich vor allem durch eine gitarren- und schlagzeugzentrierte Klangfarbe aus. GO TO ALL STATE CAMP!! Region and Area contests that lead to All-State will use this music. M. 54-62, all Altos stagger breathe m. 33, NB for all (smart staggering) Parts will be balanced at TMEA, so it's likely some voices will have to learn the other part of the divisi. The Tennessee Music Education Association was officially formed in 1945 as a voluntary, non-profit organization representing all phases of music education at all school levels. 1 AND A1 on the & of 2 m. 108; release ‘th’ on rest M. 65; breathe at eighth rest The King … Voice Ranges: (When the earth will be dissolved to ashes) S: C#4 - A5; A: A3 - C5; T: E3 - G#4; B: F#2 - B3, Instructions/Errata: Mark’s StudioDragonfly Wellness and Essential OilsDrum Corps InternationalEastman Music CompanyElements Music ExperienceExcelcia Music PublishingExcelcia Music PublishingFaber MusicFishburn Violin ShopFLASH Visual MediaForrests MusicFoundation for the Advancement of String EducationFred J Miller, Inc.Fruhauf UniformsFund-Team.comGIA Publications, Inc.GPG MusicGreen Light Group ToursHal LeonardHenkaaHinge StixHoughton HornsHowarth of LondonInnovative Scholar SolutionsInternational Trumpet GuildJ.W. m. 16 Schwa on downbeat The All-State clinician/conductor rehearsal notes will be posted here when available. W. Damrosch for wind ensemble)", "Molly on the Shore" and more. m. 66, sopranos, “p” on beat 3 (all others stagger breathe) Voice Ranges: All parts place the ‘c’ on the final eighth rest. A- m. 79 breath after “lebendigen” (oblations and the burnt offerings,) Renew/Update Information. 2 should be a G natural tied to m. 73 bt.1, matching the bass line. m. 28; release on rest M. 1 freely within quarter=100 Composer Elaine Hagenberg will also play this piece for 2021 Texas All-State Tenor-Bass Choir, Conductor's Rehearsal notes: m. 14 Downbeat: Goal of the phrase for T. Note two: unaccented syllable Exec Secretary. Voice Ranges: Quando iudex est venturus M. 111; breathe at eighth rest (BII will need to cross off dot and add eighth rest and breathe) M. 83: poco rit PepperDance SophisticatesDeMoulin Brothers & CompanyDirector’s ChoiceDr. Areas E-H Tenor I will take the LOWER NOTE OF THE SPLIT! This piece will be auditioned at the first round. Audition Levels: Instructions/Errata: TI: Bb2 - Ab4; T2: Bb2 - F4; BI: Ab2 - Eb4; BII: Ab2 - C4, Instructions/Errata: M. 24; NB Recording: Ut ɛdifitʃɛntus muri jɛrusɑlɛm Voice Ranges: Longview, TX 75605. (My heart and soul rejoice in the living God.) BII, leave off ‘s’ – just sing ‘u – ni – ver’. deep, m. 46 (beat 3 for S & A, beat 4 for T & B) Orchestra. 1 m. 44 Use schwa between “on” and “that” Elementary. Composer: Elaine Hagenberg Solos and Small Groups for "Ride in the Chariot" will be determined at Region Clinic and All-State Clinic, respectively, and shall not be auditioned during the All-State Audition process. Meine Seele verlanget m. 17 Use schwa between “one” and “shade” No measure numbers or page numbers, so everyone will need to add them in. m. 22, NB M. 43; release “s” on downbeat Publisher: Walton m. 39 end with an 8th rest m. 62 end with a quarter rest. by Texas All-State Women's Choir - Topic. Rebecca Morgan Baker (piano), Jennifer Wheeler (soprano) TMEA All-State Mixed Choir, Denise Eaton, André J. Thomas S/A- m. 142-148- stagger breathe Links to download the CPDL selections are provided with the listing below. The PML has been migrated to a new platform that works best in the following browsers: IE10+, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox. m. 1-21- “Allegro” is quarter = 110 The recording is our best reference for the piece in terms of sound and vocalism, please see below. While your space will always be visible, TMEA has dedicated time in the convention schedule for attendees to peruse the exhibits and interact with you. m. 56 Unaccented downbeat. m. 50; release ‘z’ on rest m. 65 Soft “T” on downbeat. 1 Publisher: G Schirmer Title: Vidi Aquam Voicing: SSAATTBB Publisher: EC Schirmer Update (6/30/2020): M. 35, tenor part bt. M. 37; breath at rest S/A/T- m. 8, quarter rest on beat 2 m. 53; BI and II, release ‘z’ on rest; TI and II, NB 2018 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA): All-State Mixed Choir [Live]. This piece will be auditioned at the first round. 3 Solo group cross off dot and breathe on last eighth note. For the Area Audition, each director must notify the Area Coordinator which part their soprano will sing during the audition. 2 Voice Ranges: General note about this section, starting at m. 162, the ‘c’ of ‘dance’ goes on the rest and please create space on at the dotted quarter note ‘sing’ to give this section a jazzy and slightly detached feeling as the composer requests. Composer: Mozart By Mari Valverde Tunc imponent super altare tuum vitulos. M. 47; TI, TII, BII; cross off dot and breathe; BI sustain Please learn the solos if you are interested- there are solos for tenor and soprano. m. 178; Upper two voices, ‘s’ on quarter rest. Et in saecula saeculorum. Title: Now Let Me Fly m. 30 Schwa on downbeat Updated: 6/17/2020 m. 194; ‘z’ on beat two; space after ‘sing’ (remove dot) m. 44; release on rest Stream songs including "The Star Spangled Banner (arr. All amendments, corrections and errata will become official only when it is published here. In the late 1960s a number of bands began pushing the limits of blues rock into a new genre which would be called heavy metal.. Mm 37-42; stagger, no group breaths Update (6/9/2020): Pg. Composer: Dan Davison m. 26; release ‘s’ on rest m. 186; ‘z’ on beat two; ‘s’ on eithth rest m. 38-41 Be patient with this section: use time to internalize the sound and tune carefully Translation: deep, m. 50 (T & B) Catalog No: 15/1820R M. 11; breathe at eighth rest Title: She Walks in Beauty TI: G3 - G4; TII: E3 - F4; BI: C3 - D4; BII: G2 - D4. Instructions/Errata: M. 48; NB Representing more than 17,000 current and future music educator members, TMEA works to support the future of music education in Texas. M. 40 Bass 2 part should probably follow the accompaniment and match m. 16. M. 28; NB m. 159, release ‘t’ on rest m. 59, all breathe after beat 1 T/B- m. 143-148- weight on “lo” of die loben m. 24; TI, TII, BI release on rest Note: Lines 1-5 (m. 1-62 bt. M. 160 - Bass line upper two notes will be a Bass I split. M. 69 the S2 Voice Track sings a G# instead of an E on the “Shad-“ of “Shadows.” Please sing the E. m. 42 B, 1st note, half + rest Updated (7/29/2020): Designated for Area Audition only. m. 29 2nd note, staccato M. 87; cross off dot and breathe Instructions/Errata: M. 89; TI, TII, BII; cross off dot and breathe; BI sustain Here is a reference recording: Further instructions will be given in supplemental packet after the Area Audition. M. 93; TI and TII; cross off dot and breathe; BI and BII; release on rest 2 m. 198; z’ on beat two Listen to TMEA Texas Music Educators Association 2010 Clinic and Convention - All-State Mixed Choir by Mike Ware, Texas All-State Mixed Choir, Kenneth Davis, Southern Methodist University Meadows Symphony Orchestra & Janet Whitcomb Pummill on Apple Music. 2) are from Psalm 51: 18-19; Lines 6-8 (m. 62 bt. SI:  D4 – G5; SII:  D4 – F#5;  AI & AII:  G#3 – D5, Conductor's Rehearsal notes: By Richard Blesch M. 19, A2 catch breath after bt. M. 49; all sustain M. 73 & 74, all singers lift and put a glottal stroke on the “A” of “Amen Altos stagger to the end B- m. 34-35, slight crescendo over the bar m. 49; release ‘v’ on downbeat m. 33 “D” (pronounced T) on the last 8th of the measure for ST Breathe only on the rests. Audition Levels: This list includes audition material for Texas All State Choir auditions, including the small school pieces. M. 15: “s” on eighth note plus breath to MP+ Catalog No: 50319340 Dynamics: SI:  F4 – G5; SII:  E4 – G5; AI:  C4 – C5; AII:  G3 – C5. Phrase measures M. 26; NB Angels=aynjəlz Update (6/9/30): Tie is missing m. 41-42 in Alto. m. 50; release on rest Those indicate phrases or subphrases. Download and buy printable sheet music online at JW Pepper. Conductor's Rehearsal notes: UIL. m. 38 no breath It should match the Soprano. m. 47-51, sopranos breathe for a quarter rest before each “it presses through” and will always be. As a general rule: accent/bring out the syncopation throughout, even when just implied. Teste David cum Sibylla 4&, sopranos m. 28; release ‘f’ on rest m. 31, TI and TII release on rest and slightly flexible and faster tempo to m. 42, bt. The sopranos will be assessed on the following, but not limited to: knowledge of part including pitch and rhythm, vocal technique and overall musicianship. M. 24 - Bass II will split notes: Areas A-D Bass II will take UPPER NOTE OF THE SPLIT. Voice Ranges: Publisher: Walton Down=dahn Title: Dies Irae, from Mozart Requiem Title: Sicut Cervus m. 68, A, T, B “p” on beat 4, sopranos carry All- m. 103- quarter rest after “Wohnungen” m. 27- basses, sotto voce (think falsetto) LSC = Large School Choir path open to UIL classes 1A - 6A; All-State Mixed, Treble and Tenor-Bass Choirs m. 48-62 all parts, eighth rest at the commas after “sehnet” Rehearsal tracks and a rehearsal/accompaniment CD will be available from Educational Enterprises Recording Company. M. 9; TI and TII, cross off dot and breathe; BI and BII; release on rest The sightreading exercise may include the following rhythmic devices: half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted quarter notes, dotted eighth notes, sixteenth notes, quarter rests, eighth rests, and simple syncopation. TMEA is divided into 33 Regions to carry out TMEA objectives at the local level, to guarantee representation on the State Board of Directors, and to provide opportunity for individual participation in TMEA activities. (As testified by David and Sibyl) 3 No “r” in morning=mohneeng Tunk ɑtʃɛptɑbis sɑkrifitʃium justitiɛ Voicing: SSA M. 79 - Bass lower voice is optional and should not be auditioned. Composer: Byron Smith M. 15, Altos catch breath after bt. m. 173; release ‘s’ on rest Marking your score TI: A2 - G4; T2: A2 - E4; BI: A2 - D4; B2: A2 - D4, Instructions/Errata: M. 62, tutti release ON beat 2 Wohl denen, die in deinem Hause wohnen, head, m. 21 Conductor's Rehearsal notes: Here is a recording: S: Eb4 - Eb5; A: Eb4 - Eb5; T: Eb3 - Gb4; B: C3 - Cb4. Audition Levels: University of Texas Arlington Wind Symphony, Douglas Stotter. Voicing: SATB m. 8; release on rest m.16 Downbeat: Goal of the phrase for SAB. -breathe at commas in text m. 12, S + A, after “pain” m. 53 T, 1st note = 8th + rest (And sighs to enter the courts of the Lord;) M. 60; final “s” releases on the downbeat of this bar. Regions hold meetings in the fall, during the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention, and in … A5 will be optional for auditions. Substitution of Unlisted Editions for Selections in the PML - Any unabridged edition by a current copyright holder of a selection appearing in the Prescribed Music List may be substituted. M. 55: breathe at rest (BI will cross off dot and breathe along with upper two parts) M. 70-71 - Small notes will be addressed by Region and All-State Clinicians. People’s MusicTAMA | BergeraultThe John Jacobson Music ExperienceThe Tuba ExchangeTruly Horrible ThingsU.S. Publisher: Walton Vocal. IE9 and Safari have some problems with exporting to Excel. M. 14; poco rit (very slight) Bass Db 2 will be considered optional during auditions. 1 TMEA Texas All State Choir Audition Music 2016-2017 - YouTube. M. 46; NB Please copy the poetic translation into your score. m. 18, put the “d” of bed on beat 1 M. 49, A1 on the & of 3 All- m. 164-end, stagger breathe (Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.) Conductor's Rehearsal notes: If there is only a mark in the soprano part, it applies to all 4 parts below it- please transfer in to your score. SI: Eb4 - G5; SII: Eb4 - F5; A: Eb4 - D5; T: E3 - E4; B: Eb3 - D4. M. 5; TI, TII, BII; cross off dot and breathe; BI sustain. Instructions/Errata: m. 3-6: peak phrase at m.5, bt.

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