how to install bathroom mirror with clips

Good luck with your mirrors! {YAY! Am I splitting hairs and that piece of metal doesn’t matter so much? They can hang flush with the wall, take up less space and can be hung behind doors or in closets. Great job Steph!! This idea is great and genius, I have two bathroom large mirrors with these clips and had been searching for an online article to help me find a way to frame these mirrors without removing them from wall with the clips. Thanks! Here’s a tip/suggestion I encountered after doing this project. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop: Amazing what a bit of crown molding can do to a bathroom mirror! Dec 14, 2016 - How to add a tile border to a boring mirror. Would washers on the bottom and top hold the mirror up? It’s worked great for me and I’ve never had an issue. Use a J bar, mirror clips, and mirror glue for your installation. I used a chisel to make space for the washer on the back of the molding. Because I followed Becca’s tutorial step-by-step, I won’t repost the entire thing here. Thank you! Thanks Paula! Thank you! Attach the mirror clips using the screws. I to wanted to frame my mirrors and now I can do it easily. This mirror is the same width as the vanity, measuring 900 x 750mm, and is … Tips to Hang a Bathroom Mirror Sometimes it can be tough to hang a round mirror or object on the wall, but I lucked out with this mirror because it only had one mounting bracket on the back. Does any one know how to tell? Recessed Mirrored Cabinet — fits inside a recess in the wall. I may have done the above dramatics and when I realized how easy the fix was, I felt silly. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Set the mirror aside. The Blue Cricket link? I have a very large mirror like yours and am trying to find where I can purchase the framing. I am not planning to remove my mirror, so I honestly never thought of that! Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. I got my washers today! When we replaced a smaller (24"X36") mirror last month, the smell from the mastic used to glue it on the wall was VERY strong for almost a month and was causing headaches and discomfort. Flat-mounted bathroom mirrors cost $20 to $100 without a cabinet or between $200 and $500 for a mirror with professional installation above a vanity and sink. Be sure to size the anchors for your mirror. If the molding stood taller on the mirror or if the medicine cabinet butted up against the mirror it would be a problem, but the spacing on my wall, even though it looks close, gave me enough room. Not sure why? TIP: First, when you buy your molding, you might want to pick up one of these: I had heard of them before, I just didn’t know what they were and how to use it. That is great Eileen- I am glad this helped! Mirrors 2’ x 2’ and over must have physical fasteners like mirror clips, or L or J hooks so the adhesive cures properly. Hmmm…. We framed vanity mirrors for less than $40 in wood. To make the most of your bathroom update, be sure you take time to properly install your new mirror. Bathroom Mirror Costs. I hate those ugly, plastic clips, but love the big huge mirror in the bathroom. If so, how does the frame affect it opening? Instead of doing the washers, I’m going to cut notches into the wood but seeing as the molding you picked is so thin that isn’t really feasible, kudos for the washer idea. Hope that helps! If the mirror is glued you will have to break it but be very careful if so. I had the help of a neighbor who is very handy and has a shop. They are used alone, or sometimes with mirror adhesive to ensure that the mirror cannot fall off of the wall. I almost made some cuts upside down, but luckily I had something to go off of. Thanks Cheryl! If you have a used gym mirror that didn’t come with any hardware, you will need: A J bar and anchor screws to hang it. Submit your question or review below. Her post was the first one I saw featuring this project and I’ve also seen this mirror in real life, so I can attest to how good it looks and rest assured there were no “hidden” ugly spots. And thanks for giving credit for the other tutorial you used that was really nice of you. Our bathroom has two separate vanities with huge builder grade mirrors. The biggest plus is that it is flexible and will contour right around a flat washer or flat metal clip and adhere without any problems. What do you think? Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. Keep applying pressure to the mirror to hold it against the wall. Also, our mirror isn’t mounted on the wall, but on a medicine storage cabinet. It will help the mirror to stay in place. Don’t vow not to ever attempt another home improvement project again. I said that I planned on framing the mirror so what should I do? channel to accommodate mirrors up to ¼ in. Since the wood sits on top of it, it should be the same length. What did you about the fact that the bottom of the mirror sits behind a track of metal that would cause your frame to jut out slightly more on the bottom edge? Great little blog you have here. Measure the outside dimensions of the mirror. I always wanted to frame my bathroom mirror but didn’t know how to do it because it had plastic clips over the mirror. To install, set one corner of the mirror on the support while keeping the other slightly raised, and press it into the wall. Thanks so much for sharing this tip! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I found the molding at Home Depot for 8.50 an 8′ piece, and bought Loctite Clear Powergrab instead of liquid nails. It sits flat. I cut my wood to fit the length of the mirror. or did you need an assistant? Thanks for stopping by! I'm painting and want to remove the mirror as I'd like to replace it. Didn’t know how to get around the plastic clips! And why do you think I love blogging (haha). Hey! If it’s frameless, it may require special clips or adhesive to stay in place. . Any size should work since you’ll be putting this directly onto the glass, it just depends on how much glass you want to cover. But maybe that’s not necessary. First, I’m wondering what happens if water or cleaning spray drips down between the wood and the mirror at the bottom. Heather. The first step in how to install a bathroom mirror is to decide mirror placement. Has anyone tried using velcro to hold the frame to the mirror? Good luck! We bought three 8′ sections of basic molding at the hardware store for less than $40. Frameless mirrors suit almost any style of bathroom but work especially well in contemporary homes. Mirror Clip, 4PCS Zinc Alloy Mirror Mirror Floating Glass Clip Set, Bathroom Mirror Clip, Dressing Table Mirror Fixing Accessories Mirror Bracket (Round) $7.69 $ 7. Wow, thanks for the tip as I am in the middle of the project and already bought the wood for the frame before realizing the clips are too thick!

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