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Over the years, manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Suzuki have become international names and are exported all over the world. Recommended for people who don't drive so often. They are perfect vehicles for ladies. The microcar was not invented in Japan. Hi. If you would like to rent a car in Japan, choose ToCoo! I'm traveling to Tokyo 10/23 - 11/3 and would really like to experience driving for a full or even half a day. Thank you for being our customer! Please contact us for more info. Kei cars are notoriously unsafe. Generally, Japanese cars have an excellent reputation for being reliable, safe, and efficient. Within Japan, cars which are fuel efficient are very popular among Japanese car drivers. From the mid-1950s, while Europe enjoyed a microcar boom, in Japan the kei car was gaining momentum. So kei sports cars have their place; indeed, 10,298 S660s found homes in Japan last year (far more than Honda needs for it to be profitable), compared with 5152 Copens. Kei cars are probably the coolest niche car segment in the entire industry. Since Kei-cars have small bodies you can drive safely in narrow corridors, and park easily. Kyouyuu Stock #44616, 3000cc, F5, 115,000 ml. Please inquire at each store. My girlfriend and I already plan to get an international drivers permit for the Maricar (Mario Kart) experience in Shinagawa. UKKC - … Phone: 81-567-94-0015, Fax: 81-567-94-0018, Kei cars' inspections cost substantially less than a full-size car's inspection, so keep that in mind when you are buying a car in Japan. In our opinion, these are much more comfortable than the Kei car and provide ample storage for all of our backpacks, small bags, and a suitcase (especially the Honda Fit). The final kei car is not one we pine for because it’s a crackpot, or because it looks like an NSX that shrunk in the wash. Forget that, compare a 1999 Subaru Sambar and lets say a 1999 Subaru Forester to … Top-Selling Minicar Brands in Japan in 2019 (Full Year) Created as a new class of vehicle with tax breaks that … Kei vehicles older than 25 years may be imported into the USA. Kei Cars are a Japanese class of tiny vehicles with engines well below the 1.0-liter mark and dimensions of a go-kart. So to promote the growth of the car industry, the kei car category was introduced by the Government. You can reserve a great value car from more than 1500 outlets all over Japan, in places like Hokkaido, Tokyo and Okinawa. Since Kei-cars have small bodies you can drive safely in narrow corridors, and park easily. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to secure personal information and to prevent the data from being intercepted or falsified when entering customer information. More than 1.8 million people in Japan bought new kei-cars in 2017, meaning one in three new cars sold in Japan last year had engines with only 660cc. See also subcategories: Mini trucks (Kei trucks) for sale, Microvans for sale. Our offices are working as usual so please feel free to order any cars you may like on our site or the auction. Cars are big business in Japan. *Available cars depends on the area. If you don't have an account yet, please create a new account. According to modern Japanese regulations, a Kei Car cannot have an engine larger than 1.4 liters, and has a very low insurance and tax bracket. Kei car, K-car, or kei jidōsha, is a Japanese class of small vehicles, including passenger cars, microvans, and pickup trucks (kei trucks). They are specially designed to comply with Japanese tax and insurance regulations. They may be called a “mini car” on the Japan car rental agency website. With the limited space for roads and infrastructure in Japan, Kei-cars are perfect for a quick trip to the groceries. An instant reservation is available both online and over the phone. Dear Customers, please note that our logistical operations are not affected by coronavirus situation and all purchased vehicles are shipped or being prepared for shipping in the normal order. If we havent got what you are looking for in stock the chances are we CAN source your perfect vehicle direct from Japan. But in Japan, those vehicles have gained significant popularity due to the extreme lack of parking spaces and heavy traffic. Kei cars have become a culture unto its own, and that’s been the case for the better part of 70 years. They are specially designed to comply with Japanese tax and insurance regulations. The ‘Mini’ Car or Kei car as it is correctly called in Japan category originated in the Post war era of the Second World War, when most of the Japanese public could not afford a full sized vehicle, yet many had enough money to purchase a motorbike. TOYOTA Rent a Car is one of the top car rental companies with its number of cars and locations. Kei car (or keijidōsha 軽自動車, "light automobile", pronounced [keːdʑidoːɕa]), known variously outside Japan as Japanese city car, ultramini, or Japanese microcar, is the Japanese vehicle category for the smallest highway-legal passenger cars. 5 Of The Best Japanese Kei Cars And Why You Should Own One. They originated in 1949, as a way to get war-ravaged Japan back onto four wheels. Kei cars cannot be more than 3.4 metres long, 1.48 metres wide or 2 metres tall. Currently, maximum engine displacement of Kei cars class engines is 660cc. Kyouyuu Stock #3525, 3000cc, F5, 38,000 ml. Flavien Vidal is a 32-year-old French guy born 30 years too late who now lives in Japan. Kei cars are good for local trips but not for extensive highway driving. Japan's kei car regulations state a vehicle must be no larger than 11.2ft by 4.9ft, with an engine no bigger than 660cc. Literally translated, a Kei car, K-car, or Kei Jid?sha, is a “light automobile” which is usually a commuter car designed for fuel efficiency and space saving. Recommended for people who don't drive so often.※For peak season pricing in certain regions, please go to "Check the details of the vehicle". Advertisement. They are easy to navigate even in narrow corridors. Mini cars (kei-jidousya) in Japan are vehicles defined by amongst others being shorter than 3.4 m with a maximum height of 2 m and a maximum width of 1.48 m. The engine capacity is restricted to 0.66 l measured by the Japanese standard. Yup. Those cars are “kei-cars”. 4. The EK Custom is here because it’s a Mitsubishi we actually want. Tiny kei cars have conquered Japan and spread around the world. Thanks, Japan! With Kei-cars, Japan finally figured out how to reduce global warming. Based in worcestershire with over 10 years experience in importing vehicles from Japan, UK Kei Cars has the ability to find the perfect car for you. While being successful in Japan, mini trucks, mini cars and microvans, these vehicles are too specialized and too small to be profitable in export markets and mostly they have been never imported abroud. Please note that only 25-year old or older cars are legal for import into the USA as they are exempted from EPA and DOT Standards. Kei-cars, distinguished by their yellow license plates, are limited by their size, engine capacity, number of seats, and whole list of regulations to keep them small and efficient. var emailE=''; emailE=('info' + '@' + emailE); document.write('' + emailE + ''); Copyright © Japan Partner Inc., 2003–2016. Restrictions on kei cars Car size. The prices you see when searching for car rentals in Japan include the cost of mandatory insurance, which covers damage, injury, and liability. Click here if you have an account in the Japanese website >. Since we don't have Kei cars in California for obvious reasons, I would love to rent a manual Honda S660. In Japan 03-6859-6234 Nippon Rent-a-Car, being one of the most excellent brands in the world, is the first Japanese car-rental industry to be awarded with "Brand of the Year" for 3 … Stock no 32286, A-15AJK, MT, 2WD, 1600cc, AJ, 34 520km, Stock no 31435, -140057-, AT, 2WD, 6000cc, 120980, 124 240km, Stock no 32287, E-124090, AT, 2WD, 3000cc, 103, 94 800km, Stock no 27400, E-BNR32, MT, 4WD, 2600cc, RB26, Turbo 124 978km. We offer various options such as snow tires and unlimited expressway passes. If you want to drive in Japan, why don't you choose Budget Rent a Car? Currently, maximum engine displacement of Kei cars class engines is 660cc. JAPAN is the automotive equivalent of the Galapagos Islands – an isolated environment whose unique conditions have spawned some truly weird and wonderful creatures.. Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu manufacture kei cars. Kyouyuu Stock #3620, 2600cc, F5, 6,000 ml. From family holiday to business use, you will find the perfect car for your next trip. We had two of these cars during our 25 day rental across southern Japan, one was the Suzuki Swift and the other a Honda Fit. Imagine a 3 ton SUV and a Kei car in a wreck. Reserve it now with the simple procedure! That made them to be very popular on second hand markets, because of their rarity outside Japan. Read more about importing used cars from Japan to USA: Inventory of all 25-Year Old Cars for USA. Chances are it would be hard to park a vehicle that you've never driven before, but not the case for Kei-cars. Kyouyuu Stock #1562, 3000cc, F5, 17,000 ml. Most popular models of Kei cars are: Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty Van, Honda Beat, Suzuki Capuccino, Suzuki Carry Truck and many others. While being very small they are still very convenient and practical in many areas of living: farming, small business, hunting, personal use. Some of the other main Japanese car companies (Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru) sell kei cars made for them by these 4 manufacturers. Japan has one of the highest hygiene standards in the world making it possible to continue business with Japan even in the times when other countries are on lock down. February 25, 2019; Story By Benjamin Hunting; Government rules and regs have long shaped the auto industry—what gets built, what gets sold and what stays a dream on the drawing board—but there are some places where environmental, taxation and safety stipulations have had much more of an impact than they do here in the USA. The all-new Nissan Roox, a minivehicle with a spacious interior and advanced driver assistance technology, was named “Kei Car of the Year” in the 2020-21 Japan Car of the Year competition. Kei car, K-car, or kei jidōsha, is a Japanese class of small vehicles, including passenger cars, microvans, and pickup trucks (kei trucks). ※For peak season pricing in certain regions, please go to "Check the details of the vehicle". You are required to purchase the insurance.

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