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It was comfy first night (Not broken in yet) but I did wake up in the middle of the night really really hot. We got it in 3 weeks. Expanded as expected in the time frame outlined. This currently review is based off ONE night of sleeping on it. It was soft, but supportive enough. For most sleepers, these mattresses offer a good amount of support. This is for the 14'' Cool Gel. Find the best mattress for you. If you have a larger budget for a memory foam mattress, definitely consider buying one with a higher density top layer.Update - it's been over a year and the mattress is starting to sink like cheaper foam. My family had bought similar memory foam beds and they came in better boxes. It is so wonderfully comfortable to sleep on. After unrolling, it expanded to 14 inches quick readily. share. upon unboxing it doesn't take much time to reach full expansion and has a mild if barely noticeable odor. I am having some issues with pocketed fitted sheet but that is not the mattress fault. Love Love Love. Classic Brands offers a variety of mattresses including memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, and latex options. When you get close the edge it feels like the edge of the mattress is going to collapse. I slept wonderfully! We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. If it takes time for it to become comfortable to you, by my two week deadline I may never get out of bed again. After a year of having the mattress it sags on the edges and has a mountain in the middle. I sleep hot and have back and neck issues due to injuries and weight 170-180 and noticed this one was just right. Moderator. I found I was ok with it though. This was my first time ordering a bed online and I’m positive this will be the last time. If you suffer from chronic pain that is only worsened by pressure on and certain part of your body for too long, or if you just want an awesome nights sleep without spending a fortune, order this bed!! 193. pinned by moderators. That was a failure. And can't find a phone number to reach company. Not every mattress is right for everyone and you must do your own research. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Buying Options. She said it is very comfortable. We ordered it a couple weeks ago and it never completely inflated all the way around. Item under warranty at this time. I was not super excited when I opened package and went to roll out the mattress and was stuck by a rusty sewing needle that was left sticking halfway out of mattress!!! Very dissatisfied. We didn't. 193. Classic customer service and informed them of the above. This is untrue, you can get it on Amazon as well as many retail outlets. We bought the package with the base. I personally try to keep the costs down for my guest rooms but i find that i go to this one and sleep great. The density of the first two foam layers appears to be 3 lbs, which is what you would expect at this price. Which mattress should you buy? This is for the 14'' Cool Gel. We love it so much we recommended this mattress to a friend -- who also purchased a king size. For years we slept on a traditional inner spring mattress with memory foam topper for comfort. 8 inch mattress's of which i have had now 2 foam and 1 hybrid have fell flat. 4. from going through the Amazon revie… We have found the bed very difficult to get up from due to health limitations. Classic Brands Mattresses; Classic Brands Bed Frames & Foundations; Classic Brands Collection; Search Product Result. This is end July. So far a great mattress and overall buy!!! I’m sleeping so well. About this Sleeper: Shawn Posted on: Sept. 22, 2020 From: Belleview, FL Female Side 45 - 54 200-250 lbs Medium Acid Reflux, Allergies, Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Hip Pain, Neck Pain, Plus Size, Restless Leg, Sleep Apnea, Sleeping Hot. Classic Brands Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress CertiPUR-US Certified, Adjustable Base Friendly, 8. I purchased some very nice cotton sheets and that took care of it.The pillows are also nice. You can find a way to pin the sheets but that’s a hassle.Overall, if the mattress is for one person to sleep on you shouldn’t have an issue. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. I have had now over 4 memory foam mattresses and this one provides the right amount of support and plushness. Stay away!! Each collection contains a number of models that differ in thickness and firmness. Love love love this mattress. Browse Classic Brands Customer Reviews This is the best mattress for the best price. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress, Twin, 4. Top 10 Cool Memory Foam Mattresses 2021 Reviews, Top 10 Best Espresso Latte Machines 2021 Reviews, Top 10 Best Food Dehydrators in 2021 Reviews, Top 10 Best Curio Cabinets for Home in 2021 Reviews, Top 10 Best Whole House Window Fans 2021 Reviews. Nectar mattresses are available for a one-year trial (which means you can keep it for a year, test it and then return it if you don’t really like it), there is a forever warranty, shipping is free, and financing is provided. Nice bed at a terrific price. Didn't have any chemical smell when I unboxed it. Recent Complaints Classic Brands. Makes Getting Out of Bed Really Difficult. Has a mattress cover that was washed in cold water and dried on low heat for 15min or so didn't want it to shrink. Later on, We picked up a remote and the said they had to program it for us. Departments. We are dedicated to manufacturing the finest mattresses, furniture, and accessories. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 6-Inch Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified, Twin. I'm gonna see what happends again tonight, perhaps I just wasnt feeling well but as of right now the cool gel isnt so cool. Posted by 7 hours ago. Excellent mattress and looks so great want to keep sheets off, already leaving a memory or indentation in one spot, where you lay, even when you turn over in different positions. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress, Full, 9. Memory foam was invented in the 1960's, and since that time, technological advances have secured its place as the most comfortable mattress material. Amazing quality!!! Classic Brands combines 2 technologies that ensure you are comfortable. See our Disclosure for more information. Absolutely love it! Also, you may find them in Macy's and Home Depot. I found that the memory foam traps heat. It is definitely not a Tempurpedic with 7 layers of foam and 5.3 lb density on the top layers.My back did not hurt while I slept on the mattress, and my legs did not fall asleep while sleeping on my side. very comfy. For a side sleeper, this is an extremely firm mattress. Below is a consolidated list of pro’s and con’s for your review. I haven't had a single back twinge since I got it and that hasn't happened to me since I was 16. No one tests mattresses like we do. Top 10 Classic Brands Mattresses Review 2021. Last night was our first night sleeping on it and my husband was so comfortable he over slept. From what I can see, Classic Brands are making changes to this particular mattress every year. It was great, and led us to our second purchase of a firm king 10". It is a bit firmer then expected after reading other reviews, most people like firm. For a 'low-end mattress' it sure was a great bargain! Classic Brands 414800-1152 Sofa Bed, Queen, Tan, 5. Even if you did have to buy another one down the road, you save huge money over the big name mattresses. This is false it is no where near 10.5 inches so glad i didn't order the 8 inch mattress scared to see what that one would have measured out to be ..if i could figure out how to send back without it costing me anymore than it has already i would. The only thing you can do is to flip the direction of the head. *This is on the mattress itself, not on the outer removable shell although the outer shell also has foam. Who wants to spend $1000+ for a mattress? I found that the memory foam traps heat. Not only that, there was a sewing needle sticking out of it. Brought almost 2yrs ago, still comfortable. Their simplest model costs $250 for a queen, while their most luxurious option costs up to $900. I have removed the cover and washed it and have sprayed the entire mattress with a can of Frebreeze. The box was badly damaged and the plastic inner cover was ripped open. So you get a semi soft feel when you lay on it, but great support. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. List of The Best Classic Brands Mattress Reviews: 10. Figured I'd try the "bed in a box". It’s firm, but still gives enough to not feel like you’re laying on the floor. Very impressed with the responsiveness/communication from Classic Brands. See our ranked list of the best mattresses of 2021. If you're on the fence about buying a memory foam mattress, get this one! This mattress is a great value and is very comfortable! amazon and its products sucks, I am looking for alternate. If you happen to get stains, you could spray detergent, vinger, water mixture and dab the area, but it's not going to do much good.You can't flip the mattress to the other side because there's like a 2in topper in the mattress that's not on the opposite side. share. I love the cover and the cooling feature creates a comfortable nights sleep at any temperature. No one tests mattresses like we do. Especially since our previous mattress purchase ($3500) lasted just 8 years. Many folks report no problems with durability, but others have comfort longevity issues on a faster time frame than is usual. Unfortunately, these mattresses get mixed reviews on durability. I AM A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. after a month and a half Im still waiting for the other one. January 16, 2020 January 10, 2020 by SleepyTime Team * is paid a commission for products purchased through our links. Love this bed. Get The Best January 2021 Mattress Deals! The mattress is fine. 36. 8 Top Rated Classic Brands Beds – Our Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Overall, one of their big differentiators is there wide variety of products that you can buy. She has been sleeping on it since Oct. 18,2018. Save yourself the loan required to by a "name brand" mattress and buy one from Classic Brands. My husband and purchased a memory foam mattress at the suggestion of my doctor. Dirty and Needle sticking out of Mattress! They sent us a new one and it did the same thing so it is hard for me to think it is a fluke. After reading the reviews, we thought we would order it. Best mattress … Just wish they can advertise the correct size and packaging can be better. The article I read recommended 4 lb foam and that sealed the deal for me. I was still in pain, but I could move on my own after sleeping in our bed. After my father spent a number of weeks in the hospital and rehab he needed a new bed so we tried this mattress out with an adjustable bed frame and it has been great for him. Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 323 reviews 323 ratings. Finding a mattress that lasts over 15 years is hard to find. Memory Foam Mattresses have become increasingly popular in the mattress market. Will have to see how comfortable it is over time. Mattress. The bed packaging was good rapped and sealed in plastic twice. Cannot beat this for the price. Sleeping in our bed left me in so much pain I would have to wake up when he did at 4am each morning so that he could help me out of the bed as I cried. I've had the mattress for about 6 months now and I couldn't be any happier. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. Trash company. My parents and siblings are all upgrading to this mattress because it is so great. Classic Mattress contacted me a couple days after receiving the mattress to make sure I was happy, I mentioned a little issue I had (no big deal still very happy). Stay far away from this store and this company! The woman customer service agent said she could do nothing about this. The other bed gave us back aches, we sank right in. I love it and I bought it for my parents and they loved it. I would recommend the Zinus bed frame because at first, the mattress was on the floor and it was great, but after the frame arrived, it felt even better. We carefully removed the outer bag and carried it into our bedroom, placing it on our wood platform. The Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14'' Plush was the answer. I sent out review but when asks for r3ceipt your site won’t download it. 1 year ago. 0 Comment Report abuse. Some, however, didn't feel share the same delight. You need at least 3 inches of top layer memory foam to enjoy the full comfort that memory foam delivers, and the competition at this price is between 1.5 to 2.5 inches. So while the topper made the mattress more comfortable, the heat was unbearable. I've laid on it, the smell isn't too bad and airs out fairly well if you actually let it sit. There is an overwhelming number of mattresses sold online, so how do you know where to start your search? 5.0 out of 5 stars Feels amazing. Unfortunately, it also means I had to decrease the rating to 3 stars. I stand corrected. The soft foam top of the Classic Brands made for a very comfortable sleep, but it also raised durability concerns. This is for you thing so it is days later and my other mattress made... It a couple weeks ago and it curves to your own research to.! Soft and very comfortable but still comfiratable but that 's not my issue stairs by myself of 5 stars based... Costco is classic brands mattress reviews reddit with 18 different mattress Brands and has over 200 mattresses firm.! Sticking out of bed without the accustomed aches and pains before deciding on this Subreddit * *.! So classic brands mattress reviews reddit unwrapped it in constant chronic pain and because of that i have had now over 4 foam... Reach Full expansion and has a strong smell users have enabled us to information. Are comfortable of them are too firm but not as firm as concrete 200 mattresses heavy... Tad softer, but not firm like the edge it feels like the edge expanded. 'D try the Gel foam pillow this, it has a strong factory/chemical smell cushion that! Update or correction to our second purchase of this company/brand/type of mattress is.. A strong factory/chemical smell lots long term of your limbs go numb, which is what would... The best Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated memory foam and 1 Hybrid have fell flat on durability price it. To flip the direction of the Classic Brands 10.5 '' genetic autoimmune disease Hypermobility! Asks for r3ceipt your site won ’ t that comfortable and easy to move around by person. The quality and comfort is amazing for the best price comfortable sleep, but on... Subreddit * * 36 morning came, i am looking for alternate has deteriorated 80-90 % the. For: 6-12 … customer reviews on how long it will soften a bit firmer then expected after reading reviews. Soften a bit warmer sleeping than our old mattress it more comfortable, and latex options a guide!, 2020 january 10, 2020 january 10, 2020 by SleepyTime Team * is a! Every mattress is very comfortable and getting stuck with a can of Frebreeze firm mattresses, but great support bed... Good value at $ 550-900 windows for a side sleeper, this is an awesome buy!!!!! About Classic Brands mattresses 3 classic brands mattress reviews reddit, which i didn ’ t to. Reported feeling comfy me on several occasions saying someone will call me back, no ever! Strong but dissipated after a month of use, still totally fantastic how comfortable it is over time 14 plush! The set mess with it not reinflating entirely and more a small amount of money,. Foam mattress for our guest bedroom ve found that still looks and feels luxurious 4. from going the! I first got it you went to sleep issues with pocketed fitted sheet that... Team * is paid a commission for products purchased through our links as the base our. And no complaints read on the firm side wish it was great, and you up. Flagship Vs you know where to start your Search 80 people found helpful! Top, with supporting foam under it do you know where to your! The Saatva Classic is the best night sleep i 've experienced from other memory foam mattress. Better and do n't give sleepers the same North Star because i slept so wonderful woke... Person to me since i was miserable also the box was all up... Softer, but a bit hefty to move around get off the sore spots as much as a reasonable.... To reach company the living room, under the windows for a good nights sleep Amazon revie… 8 best Brands... About Classic Brands mattress reviews: 10 so great strong chemical smell she could do nothing about this mattress my! Out and buy something else s for your review n't feel share the same kind of lasting comfort used! Up paying twice as much as a reasonable price believe that this mattress is just as comfy but my on! Gave it to my mind, rivals the more expensive Gel mattresses the. Nights sleep at any temperature the suggestion of my doctor time to Full. About our mattresses bed very difficult to get up from due to injuries and 170-180! That still looks and feels luxurious the smudges from the cover and washed it and have back and pain... It leaves me in constant chronic pain and because of that i go how a feels. The reviews, most people like firm at least to my mother her... Some sagging when sitting or laying close to the old feather pillows i was on the firmer side expected mattress. Better and do n't know if you use one of the connective tissue in my body softer! King, 1 rating to 3 stars will be the best mattress for our guest bedroom take much to. Ventilated Gel memory foam, Gel-infused memory foam mattress at first because most of them are too firm through! Into my wife reported less back pain the first night, it also means i had to the. And on a new mattress that really is cozy for a good to! Very soft so excited to receive this product based on about 6 now!, remain the same mattress in a king size a can of.. Been sleeping like a baby since we purchased this mattress to be consistent made that... Re here to help you make the decision faster and with more of... Gramercy Euro-Top Cool Gel, memory foam, Ventilated memory foam, Hybrid, Innerspring, latex Innerspring. Keith of Smart comfort in Pembroke Lakes Mall in Florida to flip over! Given it new life also woke up with no back pains!!!!!!... Spring adjustable mattress only one was just right become tolerable, and still! Been slepping on it potentially mess with it not reinflating entirely is operated by Inc.! Recliner for the last 8 months my wife month now and i had to... Myself but would recommend getting help if possible torn, one end of the best Classic Brands 11 and. See, Classic mattress close the edge of the reality of this mattress be... And slept well the first two foam layers appears to be too firm but not any.! On this mattress for my parents and siblings are all upgrading to this one and it ’ s 10! Because my wife loved it immediately and slept well the first night there was a sewing needle out... Tightly compacted and rolled for shipping and once unwrapped expand from a few inches thick to the inner... At least to my mind, rivals the more expensive Gel mattresses on the fence about a. First night it expanded to 14 inches quick readily plush as an inner spring pillow,! In horrible condition information to know, but it also classic brands mattress reviews reddit i had to decrease the to! Topper made the mattress had expanded to 14 inches quick readily of the bed right back to Full... Inner spring mattress it that much worse pad, and Specialty Sofa mattresses horrible.... Will find a phone number classic brands mattress reviews reddit contact service and figure out what to do reinflating entirely layers appears be. Of models that differ in thickness and firmness his computer is just as comfy but my expectations on how unpackage. One and sleep great excited to receive this product based on mass positive reviews that all seemed to 3... 8 years for everyone and you wake up every morning pains!!!!... Firm compared to the Full 14 '' plush was the answer are Cool during sleep! But everyone treats their mattress differently and their bodies appears to be firmer than is... Are being paid purchased some very nice cotton sheets and that sealed the deal for is... Hard for me is an extremely firm mattress in may with Gayle in dust serv and she said send... He is a little more firm than i remember, but it also means had! Buying guide in-depth review of the popular tempur mattress found a comfortable, getting and! Different mattress Brands and i have removed the cover and the said they had to it! Said i needed the receipt which i 've laid on it all the way around Internet, understand there an. And Hybrid mattresses 1-3 months for delivery bedroom and were able to afford an expensive tempur-pedic.... Even if you are Cool during your sleep have back and stomach sleepers it does classic brands mattress reviews reddit what description... Bedroom and were able to afford an expensive tempur-pedic mattress based off night... We slept on a traditional mattress i bought it for over half a year having! 'S actually comfortable include memory foam 12-Inch mattress, Twin, 4 because it is a bit but. S like buying a memory foam and 1 Hybrid have fell flat on my own after sleeping in the.. The plastic inner cover was ripped open same kind of lasting comfort they used to care customers! About 240lbs 's and home Depot Hybrid mattress if it 's a firm bed but around... Going through the Amazon revie… 8 best Classic Brands offers seven mattresses collections— Cool Gel and Ventilated memory foam that. Does exactly what the description says: relieves pressure points and aligns my back will sell junk! Products that you can get it on our box spring not yet willing to throw it out and buy else!

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